Saturday, December 19, 2009

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W=Written exam
O=Oral exam

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review for Midterm

Here are the links that will help you study for your midterm exam by units.

Unit 1
  • Simple Present page 3
  1. English Page
  2. Power Point (this has most of the grammar we studied and some more)
  3. Form, Use and Contrast (the activities are at the bottom)
  • Too/Either page 4
  1. English Page
  2. Power Point (Remember to look on page 4 because there is more information there)
  3. Ok Exercise
  4. Exercise
Unit 2
  • Verb Forms page 13
  1. Can
  2. Love, Like, Hate, Prefer + Verb + ing or To + verb
  3. I'd like + to + verb
  4. enjoy + verb + ing
  5. preposition + verb + ing
  • Object Pronouns page 15
  1. Activity
  2. Object Pronouns
  3. Everybody, Everyone, Nobody, No one
Unit 3
  • Simple present and present continuous page 23
  1. Power Point (this has most of the grammar we studied and some more)
  2. Form, Use and Contrast (the activities are at the bottom)
  • Joining clauses with IF and WHEN page 25
  1. Quiz
  2. Another Quiz (Remember that you can use if or when)(also remember that if you see "when in the question or answer, you need to use it in the other clause)
Unit 4
  • Future with Going to; indirect objects page 35
  1. Quiz
  2. Exercise
  3. Listening (click on the recording to listen to it and answer the questions)
  4. Indirect Objects (don't read the latin part)
  5. Indirect Objects Quiz (click on the indirect object of the sentence)
  • Present Continuous for the future page 37
  1. English Page (look at use 3)
  2. Exercise
  3. Power Point (there are a lot of grammar point we studied so far
Unit 5
  • be born, simple past; time expressions page 45
  1. Always use was/were born. NEVER use the verb born alone!!!
  2. Simple Past
  3. Quiz
  4. Study the time expression on page 45
  • Determiners page 46
  1. All, all of, most, most of,...
  2. Remember that if it's specific it needs OF and there has to be THE or MY, HIS, HER or ME, HIM, HER
Unit 6
  • Is there? Location Expressions page 55
  1. Prepositions (Don't worry if a screen pops up, click OK)
  2. Power Point
  3. Image
  • Offers and request with Can and Could page 57
  1. Activity (Would=Podría, Shall=Debería)(Focus on CAN and COULD which will be on the exam)
  2. Explanation (Focus on CAN and COULD which will be on the exam)
  3. Power Point

Remember to write a comment so I know that you visited the page. Now, if you have any questions write me an email. I will respond as quickly as I can.

Don't forget to study the conversation strategies on pages:
Unit 1 pg 6-7
Unit 2 pg 16-17
Unit 3 pg 26-27
Unit 4 pg 38-39
Unit 5 pg 48-49
Unit 6 pg 58-59

Monday, November 23, 2009

Check Your Mail

Check your mail for the invitation to Google Documents.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Carnival Crime

Read this story.

When you finish the story:
1st Answer the question that was before, if you are the first person, don't worry. Remember to answer the question using the past.
2nd Write 1 question about the story and your partners will answer. Remember that the story is in past so write your questions in past.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Favorite Subject

What was you favorite subject in school? What was your least favorite subject?

I want you to answer these two questions using the following:
  • New Vocabulary
  • Speaking Strategy (Well, No Wait, I mean, Actually)
  • The past (If you can use the new verbs you have to study)
  • Be Happy
Write at least 3 sentences explaining the two questions.

Remember to study the 1st page of vers I gave you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day of Dead

We have class every Saturday so I don't see you very often. I am very nosy (chismoso) and I am curious about you lives. So for this weeks' post you need to write about what you did this Day of Dead.

I want you to write some of the activities you did this holiday weekend, make sure to use the past tense. If you did not do anything, do not write, "I didn't do anything." Ivent something!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guess the Event

Similar to the last activity, now you will write about a famous event that everyone should know.

Read the instructions carefully.

First, think of a famous event that we all know.

Second, use the list of verbs in the past to write a very good description of the event. Do not write the name of the event, we are going to guess (adivinar) the person.

Third, write event you think it might be after you read the description.

Remember, do not write the name of the event you are writing about!
Remember, guess the ones you think you know!